Our purpose

We provide Cambodian primary school teachers with in-service professional development, supported by a structured mentoring program, to build dynamic, professional communities of practice. This enables them to provide Cambodian children with a quality education, and gives children a better chance of accessing higher education.

We are the only organisation in Cambodia that supports teachers to train their peers. Our unique Quality Teaching program involves training teachers who then provide ongoing mentoring to their colleagues, ensuring the long-term, sustainable development of teaching skills. A feature of this program is SCALE (Scaffolding Capability and Learning Experiences) that refers to how we support teachers until professional development becomes embedded, gradually adjusting and withdrawing our own interventions.

This model has been proven to be extremely effective, having a significant impact on teacher skills and confidence as well as student learning outcomes. In 2016 and 2017, we received two awards from UNESCO in recognition of our expertise and impact in this area.

Beyond Quality Teaching, we have two additional intersecting focus areas: Community Engagement and Systemic Capability. They recognise the need to engage local communities and all levels of government, to ensure continued strengthening and valuing of the education system.

Our programs represent a practical example of how to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 - ensuring quality education for all by increasing the numbers of skilled and confident teachers and ensuring all children have access to education in a safe and inclusive learning environment.