Our structure and governance

SeeBeyondBorders is organised and managed as a single operating entity with offices in Australia, Cambodia and the UK. For legal and compliance reasons, SeeBeyondBorders is comprised of two legal entities, SeeBeyondBorders Australia and SeeBeyondBorders UK, each with its own board, local registrations and regulatory compliance requirements.

Organisation structure

The SeeBeyondBorders organisation comprises an Australian office which maintains overall financial control of the organisation, SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia which is a branch of the Australian entity and implements the programs to achieve the charitable objectives of the organisation, and SeeBeyondBorders UK which focuses on fundraising and managing the use and distribution of these funds in Cambodia.

Operations in each country are complementary and geared towards meeting the same objective; to improve the quality of learning for children in early grades education in Cambodia. They adhere to shared policies and values, and work co-operatively to achieve the organisation’s objectives.


SeeBeyondBorders Australia and SeeBeyondBorders Foundation Australia are both compliant with Australian Council for International Development (ACFID), and are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC). SeeBeyondBorders is also endorsed for charity tax concessions (TCC) with the Australian Taxation Office to receive tax deductible gifts (GDR).

SeeBeyondBorders Australia was the trustee of SeeBeyondBorders Foundation Australia which was deregistered on 13 June 2017. Donations can now be made directly to SeeBeyondBorders Australia Overseas Aid Relief Fund (DGR 1 Status).


SeeBeyondBorders UK is a company limited by guarantee (company number  07912198), and a charity registered with The Charity Commission (no.1146044) and endorsed for Gift Aid by HMRC


SeeBeyondBorders Cambodia is a branch of SeeBeyondBorders Australia.  Managed by a Khmer leadership team, it is responsible for program management and project implementation in Cambodia.  SeeBeyondBorders is registered as an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Details of all registrations and accreditations are provided here.

Operational structure

Our governance


SeeBeyondBorders Australia Constitution

Board, Advisory Committee and management

SeeBeyondBorders Australia is governed by a Board of Directors, supported by an Advisory Committee offering professional expertise to support project and organisational needs. 

SeeBeyondBorders UK is governed by a Board of Trustees.

Management accountability is delegated to the CEO, who oversees the operations of SeeBeyondBorders UK and SeeBeyondBorders Australia (including the Cambodia branch) and report to the Boards of both entitites to ensure a cohesive approach. The Boards in Australia and the UK both contribute to and agree to the strategic direction and operations of the organisation, co-ordinate fundraising to support the implementing arm in Cambodia, whilst ensuring local compliance and donor interests are considered.

See details of the directors, trustees, advisors and senior managers on the Our People page.