Our vision, mission and values

We believe change begins with education, and we think quality teaching and learning should be available to all Cambodian children. Our work is driven by a commitment to this goal, and to strong ethical and management standards.



Our vision is to empower a generation of Cambodian children through education. We want the next generation of Cambodian children to have choices, free from the social deprivation faced by so many today. As we would for our own children, we aim to help them develop a sense of their own self-worth and the importance of their contribution towards building a mutually supportive and just society.


Our mission is to provide the best possible start in early grade education through access to quality teaching and learning at school.


We place the following six values at the heart of everything we do.

Changemaker:  Our biggest priority is to be the catalyst for positive, large-scale (system wide), and sustainable change in Cambodia. We share skills that will enable communities to improve their own lives independently, without continuing dependence on external support. We identify the changes that need to take place and encourage others at all levels to contribute to this change. We build on existing systems, demonstrating processes that are effective, contextually appropriate, and that raise standards of learning. We are not just helping one or two communities – we are working towards systemic change, bringing approaches that work at grass roots level into National policy.

Professionalism:  All our programs are supported by knowledge, experience and expertise. Our team is made up of well trained professionals, who approach tasks with competency and skill. Whilst our core purpose is to impart knowledge, we are not just here to teach, but also to learn. We are always wo­­­­rking to share and build knowledge, learn from experience, and promote the idea of a two-way knowledge exchange as we improve our own processes and practices.

Sincerity:  We are always transparent about where our funds are going, how we have succeeded, and equally, how we have failed. We view mistakes as opportunities to learn, and we acknowledge our own mistakes openly in the hope that others may also learn from them. We always strive to be honest in our communications, and to ensure it is our shared vision alone that drives our work. We do this work for the sole purpose of helping others.

Respect:  Our actions are always founded on respect - for the teachers, students, and community members with whom we work, for our fellow team members and for our donors, partners and supporters. In all respects we aim to make those with whom we work feel they are valued, consulted, listened to and included. We work only for the benefit of others, and succeed when they recognise we are working for them, and their futures.

Courage:  It's not easy to challenge the status quo. Our staff, partners, and the communities with whom we work act with personal courage every day to champion change in the face of adversity.