We're keen to build partnerships with companies and organisations. We provide unique team building opportunities, and help you promote your values and achieve your CSR objectives.


Corporate social responsibility is not going to solve the world’s problems. That said,
CSR is a way for companies to benefit themselves while also benefiting society. (Forbes)

A partnership with a like-minded development organisation enables you to promote your values and social interests; enhance relationships with existing stakeholders and attract new ones; engage and build the capability of your employees; and make a lasting commitment to your own sustainability beyond profit margins.

A partnership with SeeBeyondBorders with its focus on innovative professional development of teachers, will also help if you have an aim to contribute towards UNESCO's Strategic Development Goal 4-Education 2030 Framework for Action, Towards inclusive and equitable education and lifelong learning for all.

Benefits of partnering with us

Partner with us to help improve teaching quality and increase student attainment, delivering real educational outcomes and broadening opportunities for in Cambodia, but also achieve real benefits for your organisation and your employees.

  • Team building and leadership development:  we have developed a unique program that gives your staff and teams an immersive experience in Cambodia whilst also developing their leadership skills and capacity to work as an effective team. This program will deliver real business results and help your employees to grow and develop.
  • An alternative perspective:  we can offer an insight into the complexities and challenges we face every day whilst working in a developing country. This will encourage you and your employees to approach challenges with an open mind and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Strategic alignment:  our values of Professionalism, Sincerity, Respect, Courage and being Changemakers are very important to us and form the basis of everything we do. A partnership with SeeBeyondBorders will help you to promote your own values, demonstrate your outward-looking approach, and have an active involvement in international development.
  • Staff engagement:  your staff can get involved in a variety of engaging, fun and impactful initiatives which suit your organisation. Our team can provide support and advice to help you create fundraising plans, challenge days and events.
  • Valuing education:  our work focuses on improving the quality of education in classrooms. We work closely with local communities to increase the value they attribute to education. A partnership with SeeBeyondBorders will demonstrate to all your stakeholders that you believe that every child deserves to have access to a quality education and the opportunities that arise as a consequence of achieving in school.
  • Progression towards SDGs:  the Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals set by the United Nations. Our work promotes progress towards SDG 4 (Quality Education) and SDG17 (Partnerships for the Goals). As a strategic partner, you will be in a unique position to promote the work you are doing with us to help achieve these
  • Sharing of skills and knowledge:  the value of the skills and knowledge of your team should not be underestimated. A partnership with us could allow employees to share their skills and knowledge with our team in Cambodia. Coaching or training would be beneficial in a variety of different areas from governance and communications to data analysis and

Watch this video to hear about a corporate visit to Cambodia in 2016

What we are looking for in a partner

Our work in Cambodia has shown us the incredible benefits of working in genuine partnerships. We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your goals, vision and values and ensure our partnerships offer you ways to meet them.  We will ensure you know exactly where your support is going, clearly reporting our results and impact on a regular basis.

We are keen to form strategic relationships with corporations interested in a medium-long term partnership to support SeeBeyondBorders programs while at the same time building staff capability and engaging CSR. We welcome enquiries from organisations with a strong commitment to CSR who may be able to enhance our programs in Cambodia.

Who we are

SeeBeyondBorders is a not for profit organisation focused on helping improve the educational outcomes for Cambodian children. We focus on providing in-service training for teachers working in government rural primary schools in some of the areas of most need. More detailed information about the organisation is here.

How you might like to be involved

Team building activitites

We offer a unique program to develop the skills of your people and make a difference to the lives of children in Cambodia.  We combine a transformative team coaching program with work in Cambodia that will challenge and engage your leadership team and deliver real business results.

More information about our Team Building program

In-kind support

Pro-bono professional support is of great value, whether it's mentoring a staff member, direct assistance in technical matters or donation of goods and services such as office equipment, office space, hosting of functions and printing work. To discuss how your organisation might be able to help, please contact us.

Payroll giving

Payroll giving is one of the most tax-effective ways for your staff to donate to charity as it is deducted from pre-tax earnings. It is simple to set up, and employees can donate as little or as much as they like.

SeeBeyondBorders is currently registered on the payroll giving platforms Good2Give in Australia and CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) in the UK.  If you already have a preferred payroll giving partner, contact us  so we can register SeeBeyondBorders on that platform.


We're constantly in need of financial support to continue our work in Cambodia. While we can't always allocate funds to a specific project, we'll work with you to decide which project the money might contribute towards.  Where possible, we will provide you with regular updates to demonstrate the impact of your donation.

Donate here, or contact us to discuss how you would like to contribute financially to the work of SeeBeyondBorders.

Staff fundraising

We'll work with you to create fun and innovative fundraising ideas for your staff, so they feel they are making a real difference. We can supply collateral and materials to support your fundraising plans, whether it’s running a marathon, organising a raffle or a duck race!   Get in touch with our fundraising support team for ideas and assistance.

Cause related marketing

We’ll ensure your partnership with SeeBeyondBorders is integrated with your existing marketing strategies to help you to maximise sales, create customer loyalty and build brand awareness.  Talk to our marketing team about how we can help.

Charity of the year

Choose SeeBeyondBorders as your Charity of the Year and we will provide a variety of resources to help you and your employees raise money and awareness throughout the year. Beyond the 'traditional' fundraising resources, we would be happy to discuss providing blog content, 'spotlights' on our staff members or any other information that will help your employees to learn more about SeeBeyondBorders.

Talk to our marketing team about how we can help.

We welcome enquiries from organisations with an interest in making a difference to the lives of Cambodian
children through education, and looking for a partner committed to a sustainable approach to development. Why not get in touch to talk about how we can work together.

Download a flyer about partnering with SeeBeyondBorders for organisations in Australia and in the UK.