Trusts and Foundations

Invest with us to help improve teaching quality and increase student attainment, delivering real educational outcomes and broadening opportunities for Cambodian children.

We enjoy building relationships with key stakeholders at Trusts and Foundations and talking about the real impact of our programs and how we have built sustainability into our approach. Many in these organisations have a significant interest in education and in particular in improving the learning outcomes of students. This aligns perfectly with our approach and the objectives of our programs.

We aim to grow our funding base in this area over the next few years and welcome any approaches or introductions that will facilitate this process.

What we offer funding organisations

Invest with us to help improve teaching quality and increase student attainment, delivering real educational outcomes and broadening opportunities for children in the future.

  • Award-winning, effective programs:  in-house technical excellence and experience has contributed to the creation of a rigorous model based on established scientific theory, leading to international recognition of the effectiveness of our approach.
  • Measurable impact:  we undertake thorough assessments of teacher skill levels at least twice per year, and we also assess student understanding to ensure the improvements in teaching are benefiting students. Click here for more details about strong monitoring, evaluation and learning processes, and the impact of our programs.
  • Sustainable - locally led, community engagement, systemic links.  Sustainable approach – local staff, Khmer teachers and mentors, working with education authorities to encourage them to take over.
  • Sustainable approach:  our programs in Cambodia are led and implemented by local Khmer staff. We work closely with teachers and mentors to ensure they are able to undertake training themselves in the later stages of the program. We also work in partnership with education authorities at local, regional and national levels to encourage systemic change.  Read a success story about our work in Ek Phnom District as a case study in sustainability.
  • Innovative and scaleable model:  the concept of mentoring is extremely innovative in Cambodia, given the traditional hierarchical society. We have proven the effectiveness of this approach and the Minister of Education “would like to see this model replicated in as many districts as possible”.
  • Track record:  we have been delivering results since our programs began in 2009 and our track record is strong.
  • Transparency:  we are open and honest with staff, beneficiaries, donors and all other stakeholders. We have a clear vision and mission and a forward-thinking management team passionate about education. Our strong governance and clear transparency led to our ANCP accreditation. We also publish all our reports online, including Annual Reports, annual Transparency Reports, and half-yearly project reports.
  • Monitoring and evaluation: strong monitoring, evaluation and learning processes enable us to regularly review and improve our work. We publish lessons learnt in our annual Transparency Report.
  • Reporting: we provide regular and tailored reporting on the impact your support is achieving.

What we are looking for in a partner

We are keen to form strategic relationships with grant organisations who are passionate about the transformative effects of a quality education, and who are interested in a medium to long term partnership to enhance the educational impact of our programs. We welcome input from organisations and donors with a strong educational commitment or background with whom we can work with to progress towards our objectives. 

Who we are

SeeBeyondBorders is a not for profit organisation focused on helping improve the educational outcomes for Cambodian children. We focus on providing in-service training for teachers working in government rural primary schools in some of the areas of most need.

For detailed information about the organisation:

Structure and governance

SeeBeyondBorders is organised and managed as a single operating entity with offices in Australia, Cambodia and the UK. For legal and compliance reasons, SeeBeyondBorders is comprised of two legal entities, SeeBeyondBorders Australia and SeeBeyondBorders UK, each with its own board, local registrations and regulatory compliance requirements.

More about our organisation, structure and operation

Directors, trustees and advisors 

SeeBeyondBorders and SeeBeyondBorders UK are governed by a Board of Directors, with management delegated to the CEO.  An Advisory Board provides valuable expert advice on a range of education, development, fundraising and business issues.

More about our directors, trustees and advisors

Management team and key staff

Led by a Khmer leadership team, and assisted by the CEO, our team in Cambodia implements the education programs, supported by a small number of staff and volunteers in Cambodia, Australia and the UK.

More about our management team and staff

Awards, accreditations and memberships

Our work has been recognised with international awards, and we maintain accreditations and memberships that require us to adhere to strict financial and other regulatory requirements.

More about our awards, accreditations and memberships

Partners and supporters 

We rely on generous partners that provide the funding and in-kind support that helps us deliver real impact for children in Cambodia.

See more about some of our partners and supporters

Reporting and policies

We are committed to providing detailed, transparent information to partners and stakeholders about all aspects of our organisation and our activities.

More about our reporting and policies

Office locations

We have offices in Cambodia, Australia and in the UK. Feel free to contact us at any of these locations.

Details of our office locations and contact information

Focus of our work

We provide Cambodian primary school teachers with in-service professional development, supported by a structured mentoring program, to build dynamic, professional communities of practice. This enables them to provide Cambodian children with a good quality education. We are the only organisation in Cambodia that supports teachers to train their peers. Our unique approach involves training teachers who then provide ongoing mentoring to their colleagues, ensuring the long-term, sustainable development of teaching skills. This Quality Teaching model has been proven to be extremely effective, having a significant impact on teacher skills and confidence as well as student learning outcomes.

Beyond Quality Teaching, we have two additional intersecting focus areas: Community Engagement and Systemic Capability, recognising the need to engage local communities and all levels of government, to ensure continued strengthening and valuing of the education system.

Our programs represent a practical example of how to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 - ensuring quality education for all by increasing the numbers of skilled and confident teachers and ensuring all children have access to education in a safe and inclusive learning environment.


Evaluation is a critical element of our programs, and we have in place a rigorous testing regime for students, teachers and mentors to identify improvements in learning outcomes and the development of teachers’ knowledge and skills.  An explanation of our evaluation methodologies, and details of the impact of our programs is available on the Measuring the Impact page.

Insights and research

We publish regular insights about educational issues, and about our work in Cambodia.

In 2017, we conducted groundbreaking research on teaching quality and learning in Cambodia, a major research project to assess the quality of teaching, and the learning outcomes, in rural primary schools in two districts in Battambang Province.  The report is titled  An Assessment of Early Grade Teaching Teaching Quality in Cambodia, Battambang December 2017