Community engagement

Improving school participation and helping families engage with education through health programs, scholarships, sports activities and school improvements.

Recognising the need to engage local communities to ensure the continued strengthening and valuing of the education system, our Community Engagement program improves participation at school, helping families be better prepared to embrace education through health programs, scholarships, and sports activities.  School communities are encouraged to be involved with their school’s development planning, supporting infrastructure improvements and raising the accountability of teachers and school management to the community.


Health program

Focusing on improving the health knowledge and practice of teachers, students and their families to reduce the incidence of preventable diseases and related school absences.

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Sport program

Motivational and sustainable sports program to promote school attendance.

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Conditional Cash Payments (CCP)

Helping local committees to support and encourage the most marginalised families to send their children to school.

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School Development Planning

Creating safe, healthy and appealing learning environments for teachers and students, and enabling communities to be actively engaged.

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