Systemic capability

Influencing Government to promote effective reform policies and see them implemented at a grass roots level.

Essential for the sustainability of our interventions, we aim to leverage our relationships with Ministry of Education and Youth Services at district, provincial and national levels to ensure they become embedded in the rollout of the Ministry’s reform agenda, with relevant skills developed at every level.

Following our UNESCO award, we are now invited to contribute to the debate on the most appropriate path for the development of the education system at a national level.  We will use this opportunity to comment on and influence the education reform agenda in Cambodia, supporting our goal of becoming an education centre of excellence. This should help us link what we do on the ground with systemic developments that will ensure the long-term sustainability of our initiatives.

Following his recent visit to our programs, the Minister of Education, Youth and Sport said, “The mentor program in particular is innovative in its approach and offers an exciting opportunity for teachers across the country to be part of a genuinely collaborative and supportive network of professional communities of practice. We would like to see this model replicated in as many districts as possible”.

Case study in sustainability: Ek Phnom takes over responsibility for teacher development

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